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July 15, 2007, 11:58 pm
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I don’t normally like people seeing my working process but I thought I should bite the bullet and give a little run down of how I work.

The brief for this project was-

Unravel this unbelievable undertaking understanding that underachievment is unacceptable

Respond in any way you like – posters, book, animation, zine, paintings, notice we want more than one please – underpinned by appropriate research”

I researched various “un” words (dictionary, check) writing down ones that I felt I could respond to and jotting down any ideas that came to mind. One of the ideas was “Unexplained” where I thought I would catalogue different unexplained phenomena. I narrowed this down to the one that stuck in my mind most right from the start, Bigfoot/Yeti.

After finding some appropriate source material I did a quick sketch to get the idea roughed out.

Initial rough sketch

I liked elements of this but the hair didn’t look good at all (originally I was thinking of it having an emo style haircut but this looked terrible) so I made a more detailed sketch of the head.

Yeti Head

I’m happy with how this looks apart from a few minor things so tomorrow I’m going to start drawing it out onto a piece of A2 cardboard. All these are techninal drawing pen on photocopy paper if anyone is interested. Lastly today, I did a couple of quick sketches to work out whether hairy type would look ok. I’m undecided really.


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