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Interview With James Victore
August 11, 2007, 9:48 am
Filed under: Art, Books, Design, Inspiration

From via Quipsologies comes an excerpt from an upcoming book called “How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer”. Here is a small part of it, click here to read the rest of the interview and here to visit James Victore’s site.

“How do you know when a project is done, aside from a deadline?
I asked Pat Duniho that question, because he could draw like a motherfucker. It was beautiful. I asked him how he knew when he was done. And he said, “Well, you have a big piece of paper like this. And you start in the middle and you fill it out and when you reach the edge of the paper, you’re done.”
Knowing when you’re done is essential. That is where most people falter. I think we’re so in love with the fact that we can do this thing called design, and when we get the opportunity, we just want to do it so much! Especially when you get pro bono opportunities. The not-for-profit stuff is the shit because it’s our opportunity to go off and get really creative.”

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