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Dissertation Completed
January 31, 2008, 9:13 pm
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I don’t normally post personal stuff on here but I’ve just completed my dissertation for my degree and I’m feeling very satisfied. The title in case you’re interested is “Youth sub-cultures have always come from the working-class” and I only just managed to make the minimum word count.


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congratulations…. hope you are having a drink.

Comment by d

Congratulations T!!
Interesting title/subject. Hope you didn’t claim that ‘Mod’ originated with the working class!

Comment by Al

Actually I concluded that although Mods WERE primarily working class, their class wasn’t the cause of the creation of the subculture.

Comment by nascentideas

Indeed it did become a big working class movement. I’ll need to remember the source of this information, but I’m sure the movement can be traced back to a group of gay middleclass jewish lads, circa 1957.
Are you planning on making your dissertation available for others to read?

Comment by Al

Fancy writing mine for me?!

Comment by sadiegeoghegan

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