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A Razor Blade is an Ox
February 6, 2008, 8:51 pm
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Apologies for the distinct lack of posting lately, finishing my dissertation and getting a few things sorted for my exam project has left my blogging muscles fatigued. To make up for it (really?) here is a drawing on an ox with an attempt to work through trying to add texture to my work. Technical drawing pen and watered down ink on watercolour paper.

(click the image to see a larger version)

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I think that your ox is going to be my next tattoo if I can make it a negative picture so that the ox body is all in black except for the interior lines and such. Iwill send you a picture if that is the case and everything works out. I originally was looking for Lau Tzu´s ox but could not find a picture that would suit my purpose. Thank you for the idea.

Comment by Bob

This is a great picture of an ox! I begin my Beginning ESL class tomorrow, and this picture will be useful in celebrating the Chinese year of the ox.

Thank you so much.



Comment by Maribeth R. Siskind

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